Steering committee

Local organising committee

  • Nathalie Seddon | Nature-based Solutions Initiative

    Nathalie Seddon is Professor of Biodiversity and Founding Director of the Nature-based Solutions Initiative in the Departments of Biology and Geography (Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment) at the University of Oxford. She is also Director of the Agile Initiative, co-lead of the Biodiversity and Society Programme and Leverhulme Centre for Nature Recovery, and is a Senior Research Fellow at Wadham College.

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  • Lila Stewart-Roberts | Nature-based Solutions Initiative

    I am responsible for team and research coordination and identifying potential opportunities for collaboration for the Initiative. This includes organising the NbS Conference 2024, keeping our Bibliography up to date with current NbS research, and expanding our Case Study platform of best-practice NbS from around the world.

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  • Audrey Wagner | Nature-based Solutions Initiative

    I am responsible for coordinating and overseeing a variety of projects and programmes at the NbSI, including leading our international policy work stream, working on climate-biodiversity interlinkages and the interactive global map of NbS case studies. I am one of the organisers of the upcoming NbS Conference 2024, and co-led the organisation of the NbS Conference 2022. I also organised and led the Oxford delegation at the CBD COP15.

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  • Ceri Putman | Nature-based Solutions Initiative

    I currently work as Communications and Outreach lead, for the University of Oxford Nature-based Solutions Initiative (NbSI) and the social venture Nature-based Insights (NBI). My role is to maximise the reach and impact of NbS research, through communications and media channels. I am also developing executive education and event programmes for both organisations.

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  • Aline Soterroni | Nature-based Solutions Initiative

    My research interests focus on using economic land use modeling to design scenarios and evaluate climate policies, with a particular focus on Brazil. I have been the lead developer of a regional land-use modeling used to provide quantitative science-based results to Brazilian stakeholders and policy makers. As part of the Oxford Net Zero and Nature-based Solutions Initiative, I am interested in understanding the synergies and trade-offs between net zero policies and biodiversity conservation, including the role of Nature-based Solutions in climate mitigation efforts.

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  • Dan Seddon | Nature-based Solutions Initiative

    Dan is a data visualiser, developer and designer working at the Nature-based Solutions Initiative. He has designed and developed all their online data platforms and websites. He is aslo a director at Nature-based Insights.

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