In 12 sessions, over three full days, we will discuss the value and limits of working with nature to meet societal goals in a warming world. We will highlight the state of the evidence for the social, ecological and economic effectiveness of nature-based solutions to dealing with the causes and consequences of climate change and we will address multiple contexts including oceans, cities, health, infrastructure, food and water security. Sessions will be two hours long and highly interactive. They will bring together evidence from both science and practice, as well as perspectives from multiple disciplines and sectors on the practical, financial and governance challenges to scaling up nature-based solutions.

Here is an outline of the programme. Confirmed speakers (to date) are given below this table. Full details about individuals sessions will be added over time. 

Session Session title
Scene-setting What are NbS? Definitions, Promise, Challenges
Session 1 Towards a better understanding of the value of nature for climate change mitigation

Convenors: Prof. Yadvinder Malhi and Cécile Girardin (University of Oxford)

Session 2 NbS for climate change adaptation and resilience

Convenors: Nature-based Solutions Intitiative

Session 3 Mainstreaming NbS for urban sustainability and climate change action

Convenors: Prof. Harriet Bulkeley (University of Durham & Naturvation) and Jonny Sadler (Manchester Climate Agency, GrowGreen)

Session 4 How biodiversity science informs Nature-based Solutions in policy and practice

Convenor: Dr Robin Chazdon (University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland)

Session 5 NbS for health and wellbeing

Convenors: Dr Sarah Whitmee (Oxford Martin School)

Session 6 NbS for food security on land and in the oceans

Convenors: Prof. Claire Kremen (University of British Colombia) and Dr Neil Coles (University of Leeds and ThinkNature)

Session 7 NbS for water security and climate resilience in an urban world

Convenors: Dr Lynn Scarlett (The Nature Conservancy) and Dr Dustin Garrick (University of Oxford)

Session 8 What does nature-based development look like?

Convenor: Dr Dilys Roe (International Institute for Environment and Development)

Session 9 Building the NbS community of science, policy and practice

Convenor: Nature4Climate

Session 10A Needs and innovations for delivering integrated green and blue infrastructure solutions in human-dominated landscapes
Session 10B Innovations in financing and valuing NbS - making the economic and business case

Convenors: Lucy Emerton (Environment Management Group) and Neil Coles (University of Leeds)

Session 11 Nature-based business models and the business of nature

Convenor: Dr Ben Caldecott, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

Session 12 Governing NbS - an opportunity for transformation

Convenors: Dr Thomas Hale (Blavatnik School of Government) and Jonathan Sterne (DEFRA)


Below is a list of confirmed speakers to date

  • Musonda Mumba | Head of UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration
  • Sandra Diaz | Professor of Ecology at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Co-Chair of the 2019 IPBES Global Assessment
  • Michael Obersteiner | Director of the Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University
  • Tanya Steele | CEO of WWF UK
  • David Nabarro | Co-Director of the Imperial College Institute of Global Health Innovation
  • Stewart Maginnis | Global Director of the NbS Programme at IUCN
  • Lynn Scarlett | Vice President of Policy and Government Relations at The Nature Conservancy
  • Colin Mayer | Professor of Management Studies (Said Business School, Oxford) and UK Natural Capital Committee
  • Saleem Huq | Director of the International Institute for Climate Change and Development
  • Rhian-Mari Thomas | CEO of the Green Finance Institute
  • Lucy Emerton | Environment Management Group
  • Claire Kremen | Professor in Biodiversity, University of British Colombia
  • Mark Gough | Executive Director of the Natural Capital Coalition
  • Harriet Bulkeley | University of Durham and NATURVATION
  • Robin Chazdon | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland
  • Dustin Garrick | co-Director of the Smith School Water Programme, University of Oxford
  • Neil Coles | University of Leeds and ThinkNature
  • Yadvinder Malhi | Professor of Ecosystem Science, University of Oxford
  • Joe Tobias | Imperial College
  • Nathalie Seddon | Professor of Biodiversity, University of Oxford
  • Dilys Roe | International Institute for Environment and Development
  • James Lloyd and Lucy Almond | Nature4Climate
  • Justin Adams | CEO of the Tropical Forest Alliance (WEF)
  • Cameron Hepburn | Director of the Smith School for Enterprise and Environment, University of Oxford
  • Henk Nieboer | Director of ECOSHAPE
  • Rhett Harrison | World Agroforestry Centre - CGIAR Consortium
  • Chris Kettle | Bioversity International and ETH Zurich
  • Silvana Di Sabino | Associate Professor, Universitá di Bologna and Project Lead of OPERANDUM
  • Pete Smith | Professor of Soils and Global Change, University of Aberdeen
  • Stephen Woroniecki | Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies
  • Sandra Lavorel | Laboratoire d’Ecologie Alpine, CNRS
  • Caroline Lehmann | University of Edinburgh
  • Kathy Willis | University of Oxford