Unai Pascual

Unai Pascual is Ikerbasque Research Professor at the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3), Bilbao, Spain, where he leads the Climate and Natural Environment Research line. Previously he was Senior Lecturer in environmental economics and policy at the University of Cambridge, Department of Land Economy (2002-2013). He also lectured on environmental economics at the University of Manchester (2000-2002). Prof Pascual carries out research on the interactions between climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem services from an interdisciplinary perspective. He has conducted research in Europe and especially in developing countries, including Europe, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and India. Prof. Pascual’s scientific output appears in many publications in international high impact journals.

He has also published books, many book chapters, and has given numerous talks and keynotes about the links between land use change and human well-being. Prof. Pascual’s has an active role in international policy bodies.

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