Kevin Douglas

Kevin Douglas is the Head of Disaster Management and the lead Climate & Environment Technical Officer for the Jamaica Red Cross. Kevin has been actively working in climate change adaptation, natural resources management and disaster risk reduction for over 10 years, primarily at the local level within a humanitarian context, having successfully designed and implemented several technical programmes. Kevin’s work with the Red Cross and partners has focused heavily on the use of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and sustainable livelihood initiatives to reduce risks and boost the adaptive capacities of vulnerable coastal and upland watershed communities, as well as strengthening national and local institutions. Kevin has worked as a Natural Resource Manager, Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation Trainer, Researcher and Technical Consultant for several organizations, including the IFRC, FAO, UNDP, USAID, the Adaptation Fund and several community-based organizations. Kevin led the Resilient Islands by Design Project in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and currently leads the Greening Red Cross and Red Crescent Disaster Risk Reduction: Saving Lives through working with Nature Project and the Ecosystems Connectivity and Community Resilience Project in partnership with Wetlands International, all with a NbS humanitarian focus.

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