Ilina Singh

Ilina Singh is a Professor of Neuroscience & Society in the Department of Psychiatry and co-director of the Wellcome-funded Oxford Platform for Transformative Bioethics (ANTITHESES). Her research focuses on the social and ethical dimensions of research and innovation in biomedicine, neuroscience and mental health science, with a focus on young people and families. Prof Singh currently leads the Flourishing and Wellbeing research theme as part of the £36m NIHR Oxford Brain Health Biomedical Research Centre, where the focus is to develop mechanism-driven nature-based interventions for human and planetary wellbeing. In a series of Wellcome Trust-funded projects (2008 – 2027), Professor Singh has pioneered the development of ecologically valid methods to investigate young people’s moral experiences of mental health challenges; and the relevance, acceptability and accessibility of clinical and non-clinical interventions. Since 2016, Prof Singh has also led global collaborative projects on the science and ethics of neuropsychiatric genomics and digital mental health across 8 sites in Africa and in Brazil, with funding from the Stanley Centre at the Broad Institute of Harvard/MIT, British Academy, Global Challenges Research Fund, and NIH ( Prof Singh has published widely, including in Nature, Nature Reviews Neuroscience, Lancet, Social Science and Medicine, the American Journal of Bioethics; she was an author-commissioner on the Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development (2018) and has served on scientific advisory boards for NIH, NIMH, MoD, UKRI, Wellcome Trust and others.

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