7th July, 16:30 - 18:30 BST - Natural History Museum (NHM) Lecture Theatre
Nature-based Insetting

9A. Business, Biodiversity and NbS

New approaches are emerging to help companies make informed decisions on how they manage their impact on environment and society. For example, the task force for climate (TCFD), nature (TNFD), and inequality-related financial disclosures (TIFD) provide a risk management and disclosure framework for organisations to report and act on evolving nature-related risks. In this session, we will discuss the regulatory landscape emerging around business and biodiversity and whether the taskforces will shift successfully shift financial flows away from harmful outcomes. We will highlight the challenges of setting and meeting robust, ambitious, yet achievable, net-zero and nature-positive science-based targets and explore new approaches to reducing, offsetting and insetting impacts, including through the implementation of high-quality NbS.


  • Cecile Girardin's photo

    Cecile Girardin

    Director-Nature Based Insetting | Technical Director-Nature Based Solutions Initiative

    I combine years of experience in climate change policy analysis with a background in tropical ecology and thorough understanding of forest ecosystem functioning, providing a unique multidisciplinary approach to my work. As an environmental consultant, I developed strong skills in policy analysis and data manipulation. As researcher for ten years, I developed skills in data gathering and analysis through intensive fieldwork in tropical forests. I am an alumnus of Imperial College, Environmental Resources Management Ltd., the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture UN-REDD+ team, and the Oxford Martin School.

  • Stephanie Paquin Jaloux's photo

    Stephanie Paquin Jaloux

    Director for Biodiversity Compliance & Strategy for Firmenich
    Biodiversity Compliance & Strategy at Firmenich

    Stephanie, Director for Biodiversity Compliance & Strategy for Firmenich, has a background in Biology and engineering with a Master of Science in Biology and a Master on Business Administration. Stephanie joined Firmenich in 2017 with more than 15 years of experience working in biodiversity management based in different countries such as Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola and Indonesia. Stephanie has helped creating transversal processes to address biodiversity materiality topics such as related to compliance, responsible sourcing and restoration projects on site. She is also contributing into collective actions by being Vice-Chair of the Nagoya Task Force for IFRA-IOFI associations, Vice Chair of UEBT Board.

  • David Croft's photo

    David Croft

    Global Director Sustainability, Environment & Human Rights for Reckitt
    Insetting at Reckitt

    David is Global Director Sustainability, Environment & Human Rights for Reckitt, the leading global health and home hygiene company which reaches billions of people around the world. He is responsible for their work on environmental and social sustainability around the world, working with farmers, communities and manufacturers across an international supply alongside Reckitt’s global supply chain and brand teams. David has a wealth of leadership experience from major global companies, holding senior roles within Diageo, Kraft Foods and Cadbury, and the UK retailers, Waitrose and the Co-operative Group.

  • Keyvan Macedo's photo

    Keyvan Macedo

    Sustainability Director for Natura &Co
    Sustainability at Natura &Co

    Keyvan Macedo started his career in R&D working in the food sector for Unilever Bestfoods. He joined Natura in 2005 and five years later he shifted his career to the Sustainability area to run the Climate Change and Environmental Impact operation. In this position, he was responsible for defining models to assess the environmental impact of all the products and packaging design in the company's global pipeline, connecting sustainability to the overall business strategy. He is currently the Sustainability Director for Natura &Co, the global beauty group comprising Avon, Natura, The Body Shop and Aesop, responsible for the implementation of 2030 Sustainability Vision – Commitment to Life.

  • Pedro Moura Costa 's photo

    Pedro Moura Costa

    Founder and Director of BVRio Environmental Exchange

    Dr Pedro Moura Costa has been involved in climate policy, carbon finance and GHG mitigation projects since 1991, when he developed the first carbon-funded projects worldwide. In 1996, he founded EcoSecurities Group Plc, responsible for a portfolio of more than 700 GHG mitigation projects worldwide. More recently, Pedro co-founded BVRio Environmental Exchange, a Brazilian non-profit organisation, and developed the Circular Action Hub for circular economy. Pedro is a director of Oxford Climate Policy, Fellow of IETA, Steering Committee member of VCMI, and was an IPCC Lead Author.

  • William Baldwin-Cantello's photo

    William Baldwin-Cantello

    Director, Nature-based Solutions at World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF)-UK

    William is the Director of Nature-based Solutions at WWF-UK, leading a team delivering on the exciting Climate Solutions Partnership between WWF, HSBC and WRI on Nature-based Solutions, energy transition in Asia and low-carbon business models. He also oversees WWF’s role in the Trillion Trees joint venture with BirdLife and WCS, to accelerate finance for and delivery of forest protection and restoration. Previously, he led on science and strategy on forest conservation as the Chief Adviser on Forests at WWF-UK (2014-2021). Before joining WWF, William spent six years working for the UK Government on international environment and development policy.

  • Niki Mardas's photo

    Niki Mardas

    Executive Director at Global Canopy

    Niki Mardas is the Executive Director of Global Canopy - an organisation that targets the market forces behind nature loss. He has been with Global Canopy since 2007, becoming Executive Director in 2016. He has overseen a period of rapid expansion as the organisation has sharpened its strategic focus on the market forces destroying nature and developed new partnerships around the world. This has included the development of major data-driven initiatives – including Forest 500, Trase, ENCORE and the nascent Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD). Niki has been at the forefront of the environmental crisis for over two decades, using data to drive change in boardrooms.